Fernando Carrillo

Game Developer and Software Engineer

B.S. Computer Science: Computer Game Design
Graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz


Backend software designer since June 2014. Implemented backend Java functions to access and manipulate customer information within MySQL databases. Ensured the functions worked by writing unit tests in Python. Wrote Ruby scripts to automate the way user devices are recognized and categorized.

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DJ Gone Rogue

(Current work in progress) A rhythm game set to release on the mobile platform summer 2015. I am the lead designer, gameplay programmer and artist coordinator on this project.

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Minigolf Engine

A 3D game engine I made witha partner using C++ and OpenGL. I programmed the level parser, scene graph, camera manager, some of the rendering functions and the menu system.

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A 3D animation in Blender. Derpbot wakes up in a colorless world confused. Will he find the solution?

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A short interactive story written in ProcessingJS for the PC. The city is a burden and you no longer want to be part of the rat race.

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PacMan AI

An artificial intelligence project where Pac-Man is controlled by a binary decision tree and the ghost are controlled with a finite state machine.


Game written in C# and developed using Microsoft's XNA framework. Top down shootem-up for the pc. The Mayans predicted an apocalypse and people looked to the sky for incoming destruction. When in reality it appeared in the form of a virus. You must protect the patients at all costs.

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