Fernando Carrillo

Game Developer and Software Engineer

B.S. Computer Science: Computer Game Design
University of California, Santa Cruz

DJ Gone Rogue

(Current work in progress) A rhythm game set to release on the mobile platform summer 2014. I am the lead designer, gameplay programmer and artist coordinator on this project.

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Minigolf Engine

A 3D engine made from scratch in C++ using OpenGl. I programmed the level parser, scene graph, camera manager, some of the rendering functions and the menu system.

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PacMan AI

An artificial intelligence project where Pac-Man is controlled by a binary decision tree and the ghost are controlled with a finite state machine.


A 3D animation in Blender. Derpbot wakes up in a colorless world confused. Will he find the solution?

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A short interactive story written in ProcessingJS for the PC. The city is a burden and you no longer want to be part of the rat race.

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Game written in C# and developed in XNA. Top down shootem-up for the pc. The Mayans predicted an apocalypse and people looked to the sky for incoming destruction. When in reality it appeared in the form of a virus. You must protect the patients at all costs.

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